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Here is a list of the services we offer:


  • business assistance
  • consultations
  • business tools and resources
  • financial templates for breakeven
  • cashflow and pricing
  • ongoing support
  • and business programs with potential grant opportunities
We serve businesses in Lower Leeds Grenville.

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If you are located outside of our area please go to to find your local small business centre.

If you are located in the white area on the map then please book your consultation here at Small Business Advisory Centre Lanark County / Smiths Falls.

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No-Cost Business Development Consultants

Starting your own business poses questions, challenges, and uncertainty. Leeds Grenville Small Business has knowledgeable business counsellors who can analyze your business situation and help you identify opportunities in the marketplace. They will also help you with market research, government regulations, writing an effective business plan structure, licensing information and sourcing finances.

The expert business development consultants at LGSB can help you with:
Business Planning

Every successful business begins with planning, and a lack of planning is a near-guarantee of failure.  Some of the most important aspects of business planning include:

  • Finding your market
  • Creating a go-to-market strategy
  • Crafting an operational structure and corporate code of conduct
  • Securing sufficient funding for your operations
  • Building models and forecasting to predict future market shifts

LGSB business development consultants can assist you with overcoming these hurdles, and create a solid foundation to build upon.

Brand Building

Brand building isn’t just another name for marketing – it’s about crafting a true image for yourself and your brand, then remaining true to that image. It means creating a true “public face” for your organization. An operation with excellent brand building is one which will be appealing to its audience and stick in their minds for months or years to come.  

LGSB can help craft the identity for your business.

Sales, Marketing, and Outreach

What are the advantages of your product/service? How are you going to communicate these advantages? You need a clear idea of how you’re going to market yourself to successfully sell yourself to your target audience. From designing a great logo and motto, to picking the right media outlets to fit your budget and your desired market, LGSB business development consultants can help you understand outreach strategies.